This project centered around redesigning the cover art for The Neighbourhood's 2018 self-titled album. The lyrical content includes themes around wanting to connect with others and the pouring out of emotions surrounding those connections. Through experimenting with different paint marbling techniques, and combining that with my own film photography, I used that to visualize that pouring out of emotion. The album also features a lot of 80's-inspired synth and instrumentals, which in turn influenced my paint color choices.​​​​​​​
The project originally called for designing just a single cover and the 7-inch single label.
And once the project was done, I decided to expand it to include the full 4-LP album and the single. The final piece is a double gatefold album with the 7-inch single mounted inside.
The mounted single has its own insert sleeve so the vinyl can be removed without scratches or be displayed as its own piece without having to separate it from the LP sleeve.
Image credits:
Band image by Cameron McCool/SPIN * All other imagery by myself
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