"Queer" Evolution is a zine focused on tracking the word "queer" through history; starting with its etymology and bringing the word into its modern use through the reclamation process. The overall aesthetic was inspired by ephemera from the 1990's queer liberation and AIDS marches. Paper collages, quick printing, and bold colors were the basis for the final piece. 
The chosen colors were also inspired by the original Pride flag designed by Gilbert Baker: hot pink for sex, teal for magic and art, and green for nature. These color meanings, I felt, really got to the heart of what "queer" means for a lot of folks and I wanted to convey that idea.
The final piece is a 24 page newspaper zine, 170mm x 250mm in size, that compiles imagery and research on this tricky word. Originally printed as a run of 20 copies mailed out to survey participants.
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