The Phoenix is an art and literary journal made by and for students of Clark College in Vancouver, WA.  This journal features works made by students, alumni, and staff of the school. This is a sample book of possible layouts for a future edition, featuring some submitted work and some work sourced from the internet.
These were all layout concepts that ultimately didn't make it into the journal they were designed for. I decided to rework them as if I was laying out an entire edition. The final piece is 42 pages, 8.25 in x 9.25 in with a die-cut cover and perfect bound.
Credits, in order of appearance:
Die-cut and marble texture by myself, Sandra Cisneros/SCHUYLKILL VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT * Jacob Salazar * Jules de Balincourt * Redleaf Walter * Jessica Liddy * Arielle Vey * Bo Le
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