Howell’s Nectars is a fictional brand of all-natural sparkling juices with flavors based on fruits that occur naturally in the Sonoran Desert. Based in Arizona, Howell’s Nectars focuses on bringing family recipes to people around the world.
The brand story, name, and deliverables were all centered around the idea of family; the passing down of recipes through generations.
The colors of each label, and the corresponding juice color, were based on the naturally occuring colors of each fruit represented in the flavors. I used each flowering cactus as a representative of the flavors but also as a way to tie the brand back to its desert roots.
Anna Howell was my great-great-grandmother and I wanted to make a branding project in her honor as she was known for passing down handmade blankets, stories, and even recipes. The desert flower logo ties this history to the desert where she lived for most of her life.
Photographed, printed and assembled, and front label custom type done by myself
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